Let's Talk 2 Class CD

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Let's Talk 2 Class CD

Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press, 0


Format: 126 x 143

ISBN/ISSN: 9780521750776

Let's Talk is a three-level speaking and listening series that takes students from a high-beginning to a high-intermediate level. A set of two class Audio CDs features all the listening activities from the Student's Book. The engaging task-based listening activities focus student listening and are recorded in natural, conversational American English. The Audio program features interviews, conversations, news reports, and other interesting listening texts. Many of the recorded dialogs are unscripted to ensure that they reflect English as it is actually spoken in a variety of realistic situations. About half of the class recordings are repeated on the self-study CD packaged with the Student's Book, accompanied by additional exercises. The class listening program is also available on Audio Cassettes.

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