Let'S Pretend Dino Explorer

Roger Priddy

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Autor: Roger Priddy

Let'S Pretend Dino Explorer

Wydawnictwo: Pan MacMillan, 2019


ISBN/ISSN: 9781783419685

Prepare for a prehistoric adventure... With 15 puzzle pieces and roar-some scenes to decorate, this fun-filled set is perfect for little ones to play with as they travel back to a time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The book is also full of things to spot and find. There are three different scenes for children to fill in as they match up the puzzle pieces and develop their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. They can also enjoy playing with the dinosaur-shaped puzzle pieces as figurines!

11,00 zł - płatność szybkim przelewem / kartą płatniczą przesyłka kurierska