Le congiunzioni italiane e altre parole difficili A1/C1

Silvia Consonno, Elena Rossin

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Autor: Silvia Consonno , Elena Rossin

Le congiunzioni italiane e altre parole difficili A1/C1

Wydawnictwo: Alma, 2019


Liczba stron: 96

ISBN/ISSN: 9788861825895

What's the difference between "finalmente" and "alla fine"? What does the word "mica" mean? How and when do you use "anzi", "nonostante" or "affinché"? This handy workbook focusses on Italian conjunctions, adverbs, and other everyday words and expressions which are important for effective communication but which students may find difficult to understand. The book presents many of the most common and useful connecting words, providing clear explanations, rules and a rich array of exercises to develop understanding. The book is arranged in three sections according to language difficulty (Beginners A1/A2, Intermediate B1/B2, and Advanced C1) with a short sequence of revision practice to conclude each one, enabling students of all levels to use these words with confidence. With answers to all the exercises provided in the appendix, this book is ideal both for independent study and for use in the classroom.

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