Le Francais du Tourisme

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Le Francais du Tourisme

Wydawnictwo: CLE International, 2005


Liczba stron: 87

ISBN/ISSN: 9782190335889

This new guide is designed for the advanced student preparing for a career in the French tourism or hotel industries. Divided into five sections of three units each, the student book includes detailed lessons in product conception, promotion, and sales, as well as grammatical exercises and industry-specific vocabulary. A service-oriented approach to the profession, this program prepares students for the difficult or unforeseen situation, with specific attention to professional communication and the development of strategies for working with others. A final section is comprised of example CFTH (Certificat du français du tourisme et de l'hotellerie) exams based on authentic documents, with attention to oral and written comprehension and expression. Up to 200 hours of class time.

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