LF La Petite Fadete książka + CD B1

Goerge Sand

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Autor: Goerge Sand

LF La Petite Fadete książka + CD B1

Wydawnictwo: ELI, 2019


Liczba stron: 128

ISBN/ISSN: 9788853626516

In the town of La Cosse and in the surrounding countryside everyone knows Landry and Sylvinet, the inseparable Barbeau twins. But the twins soon grow up, and after a happy childhood and a strong bond, comes the time of separation: Landry goes to work on a farm in the neighboring town, while Sylvinet remains alone and inconsolable. Especially since his brother knows how to make himself loved. But an unexpected friendship between Landry and Fadette, a wild young girl, will cause trouble and consternation in the village, and in their own family.

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