LF Asterix Le Grand fosse /komiks/

Rene Goscinny (ilustracje: Albert Uderzo)

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Autor: Rene Goscinny (ilustracje: Albert Uderzo)

LF Asterix Le Grand fosse /komiks/

Wydawnictwo: Hachette, 2000


ISBN/ISSN: 9782864970002

A village in Gaul is politically and physically divided by a deep ditch because of a leadership dispute between rival chiefs Cleverdix and Majestix. Efforts to overcome their differences, first through dialogue and then through battle, only widen the rift. Majestix's fishy advisor Codfix, suggests intervention by the local Roman garrison will enable Majestix to become the sole chief, in return for which, Codfix wants to marry his daughter, Melodrama. Majestix agrees to the plan, unaware that Codfix intends to overthrow him.

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