Colin Thompson

Pozycja niedostępna

Autor: Colin Thompson


Wydawnictwo: Red Fox, 2006


Liczba stron: 32

Format: 225 x 294

ISBN/ISSN: 9780099439424

Enter world upon world, where castles emerge from thin air or spring up overnight in your own garden. Search the intricate pictures, and see if you can find the royal family hidden in the visually imaginative splendor of each castle. Then go back and look again—there are endless puzzles, mazes, tricks, and messages just waiting to be discovered. An ingenious picture book to pore over—again and again, inch by inch—from the acclaimed creator of The The Last Alchemist, Looking for Atlantis, Paperbag Prince, and The Paradise Garden.

11,00 zł - płatność szybkim przelewem / kartą płatniczą przesyłka kurierska