Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design

Macalister, John Nation, I.S.P.

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Autor: Macalister , John Nation , I.S.P.

Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design

Wydawnictwo: Routledge, 2011


Liczba stron: 216

Format: 152 x 229

ISBN/ISSN: 9780415882323

Case studies are a powerful pedagogical tool for illuminating constructs and models in real-life contexts. Covering a wide range of teaching-learning contexts and offering in-depth analyses of ESL/ELT language curriculum design issues, this casebook is distinctive and unique in that each case draws on and is clearly linked to a single model presented in Nation and Macalister's Language Curriculum Design (, giving the book a high degree of coherence. A short commentary by the editors after each case highlights features of note and/or issues arising from it. This is a versatile text, designed to work as a companion to Language Curriculum Design (adding meaning and depth to the model presented there by relating it to a range of applications), as a stand-alone text, or as a resource for language teacher trainees, teacher educators, practicing teachers, program administrators, and materials writers in the field.

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