Carousel 1 TB OOP

J. A. Holderness, Annie Hughes, Jackie Holdernes

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Autor: J. A. Holderness , Annie Hughes , Jackie Holdernes

Carousel 1 TB OOP

Wydawnictwo: Pearson, 0


Liczba stron: 128

ISBN/ISSN: 9780175562695

This is the teacher's book for level one of the two-level "Carousel" course for children starting English at the age of five or six. Activities which are relevant and enjoyable to this age group form the basis of the course which aims to help children develop a real feel for the language. It presents language through situations easily recognizable to young children, for example at home or playing with friends, basing it on activities such as drawing, colouring, songs and stories, with additional games and chants to practice the pronounciation and the rhyme of English. The "Carousel" course also comprises a course book, an activity book, a cassette and a teacher's resource cassette.

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