Cambridge Companion to International Criminal Law

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Cambridge Companion to International Criminal Law

Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press, 2018


Liczba stron: 422

ISBN/ISSN: 9781107695689

This comprehensive introduction to international criminal law addresses the big issues in the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective. Expert contributors include international lawyers, judges, prosecutors, criminologists and historians, as well as the last surviving prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials. Serving as a foundation for deeper study, each chapter explores key academic debates and provides guidelines for further reading. The book is organised around several themes, including institutions, crimes and trials. Purposes and principles place the discipline within a broader context, covering the relationship with human rights law, transitional justice, punishment and the imperatives of peace. Several tribunals are explored in depth, as are many emblematic trials. The book concludes with perspectives on the future.

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