Cambridge Companion to British Poetry, 1945-2010, The

Edward Larrissy

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Autor: Edward Larrissy

Cambridge Companion to British Poetry, 1945-2010, The

Wydawnictwo: Cambridge, 2015


Liczba stron: 307

Format: 151 x 229

ISBN/ISSN: 9781107462847

The Cambridge Companion to British Poetry, 1945-2010 brings together sixteen essays that explore the full diversity of British poetry since the Second World War, a period of significant achievement in which varied styles and approaches have flourished. As a comprehensive critical, literary-historical and scholarly guide, this Companion offers not only new readings of a wide range of poets but a detailed account of the contexts in which their verse was written and received. Focusing on famous and neglected names alike, from Dylan Thomas to John Agard, leading scholars provide readers with insight into the ongoing importance and profundity of post-war poetry.

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