CAL Contrastive Rhetoric PB

Ulla Connor

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Autor: Ulla Connor

CAL Contrastive Rhetoric PB

Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press, 1996


ISBN/ISSN: 9780521446884

PART 1 PRELIMINARIES: EARLY PHASES OF THE FIELD; 1 Toward an extended definition of contrastive rhetoric; 2 Contrastive rhetoric studies in applied linguistics; 3 Historical evaluation of contrastive rhetoric: from Kaplan's 1966 study to diversification in languages, genres, and authors.

PART 2 INTERFACES WITH OTHER DISCIPLINES; 4 Contrastive rhetoric and the field of rhetoric and composition; 5 Contrastive rhetoric and text linguistics; 6 Writing as an activity embedded in a culture; 7 Contrastive rhetoric and translation studies; 8 Genre-specific studies in contrastive rhetoric.

PART 3 IMPLICATIONS OF CONTRASTIVE RHETORIC; 9 Methods of research in contrastive rhetoric; 10 Conclusion: Implications and research directions.

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