Agnes Grey (Alma Evergreens)

Anne Brontë

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Autor: Anne Brontë

Agnes Grey (Alma Evergreens)

Wydawnictwo: ALMA Edizioni, 2018


Liczba stron: 320

ISBN/ISSN: 9781847497147

The well-educated daughter of a penniless clergyman, Agnes Grey is treated like a child by her family and so sets out to prove herself by seeking employment as a governess. Soon, however, her idealistic notions regarding the education and care of her wards are dashed as she battles to control the wild Bloomfield children in her first situation, and is then held in low regard by the superior Murray household.

Drawing on Anne Brontë's own experiences, and dealing with themes such as the nature of childhood, the rise of the middle classes and the loneliness, cruelty and even ill treatment that life as a governess could entail, Agnes Grey is full of quiet passion and remains a beloved classic to this day.

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