Absolute Financial English

Julie Pratten

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Autor: Julie Pratten

Absolute Financial English

Wydawnictwo: Delta Publishing, 2015


Liczba stron: 136

Format: 209 x 297

ISBN/ISSN: 9783125013285

Absolute Financial English is a coursebook written for students following a course of study in financial English, written in particular for candidates preparing for ICFE. It contains 10 units which provide over 60 hours of teaching material. Features: Each unit is divided into four sections with each section covering one of the four skills; closely following the organisation of Cambridge ICFE. Introductory unit describes the ICFE exam in detail including an introduction to each paper. Includes a Skills Focus and an Exam Focus in every section of each unit. Provides extensive practice of the text types and tasks featured in the exam. Offers tips and hints to assist candidates with each section of the exam. Suitable for class or self-study. Visit www.deltapublishing.co.uk to see a sample.

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