'A' and 'The' Explained

Seonaid Beckwith

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Autor: Seonaid Beckwith

'A' and 'The' Explained

Wydawnictwo: Simon & Schuster, 2013


Liczba stron: 240

Format: 178 x 254

ISBN/ISSN: 9781494245887

How to Use 'A' and 'The' is a reference and practice book for students of English who want to understand more about 'a/an', 'the' and 'no article'. It provides a comprehensive collection of usage guidelines as well as clear and detailed explanations of a large number of exceptions and difficult cases. It is aimed at the upper-intermediate to advanced student, but will also benefit intermediate students, and is ideal for both self-study and classroom use. Nine units of explanations, including sections about the basic principles behind article use, generalising, proper nouns including geographical names, and idioms and fixed expressions. These are all illustrated with clear example sentences. Over a thousand practice questions to reinforce learning and to help students use articles more naturally, including a final unit of fifteen review exercises. Printable and photocopiable PDFs of all exercises available free at www.perfect-english-grammar.com/a-and-the.html. Three appendices which include explanations and exercises about countable and uncountable nouns and using 'some' and 'any'. Answers to all exercises.

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