A Swift Pure Cry

Siobhan Dowd

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Autor: Siobhan Dowd

A Swift Pure Cry

Wydawnictwo: Penguin, 2018

Liczba stron: 352

Format: 129 x 198

ISBN/ISSN: 9780241331200

After Shell's mother dies, her obsessively religious father descends into alcoholic mourning and Shell is left to care for her younger brother and sister. Her only release from the harshness of everyday life comes from her budding spiritual friendship with a naive young priest, and most importantly, her developing relationship with childhood friend, Declan, charming, eloquent and persuasive. But when Declan suddenly leaves Ireland to seek his fortune in America, Shell finds herself pregnant and the centre of a scandal that rocks the small community in which she lives, with repercussions across the whole country. The lives of those immediately around her will never be the same again.

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