A Storm of Ice and Stars

Lisa Lueddecke

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Autor: Lisa Lueddecke

A Storm of Ice and Stars

Wydawnictwo: Scholastic, 2018

Liczba stron: 400

Format: 136 x 200

ISBN/ISSN: 9781407174044

Ice, myth, magic and danger in this bone-chilling, page-turning, beautifully written fantasy novel set in the same world as A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY. Blood-red lights have appeared in the sky over the frozen island of Skane, causing a cloak of fear and suspicion to fall over the village like a blanket of snow. In a desperate attempt to keep out the plague, the village elders barricade its borders - no-one, no matter how in need of help, will be permitted to enter in case they bring infection with them. Teenager Janna refuses to turn her back on people seeking refuge and is banished to the swirling snow and lurking darkness beyond the village. Can she survive?

11,00 zł - płatność szybkim przelewem / kartą płatniczą przesyłka kurierska